May is museum month, meaning it’s the perfect time to reflect on what a membership means to any given museum:

This includes support in artifact preservation, the development of exhibits, programs, and events, the development of one of a kind take home items, and more.

It also ensures we can give back to our members.

The Welland Museum is pleased to announce that for the month of May 2024, we’ll be hosting a membership drive. Not only will discounts be available at the lowest annual cost, but we are also introducing a referral program that you can earn rewards through!

You can pick up a Welland Museum membership at or keep reading to see all the new benefits we have to offer!


Discounted Rates on Memberships
During the Welland Museum’s May Membership Drive, we’re excited to offer enticing discounts across all our membership tiers, making it the perfect time to join our community or renew your involvement.

For individuals looking to explore alone, memberships are available at just $15, down from the $25 regular price.

Our new gift memberships, ideal for sharing the joy of discovery with others, are also priced at $15 during this promotional period.

Families can enjoy all that our museum has to offer for only $35, providing a cost-effective way for the entire family to engage with art and history together.

Additionally, we honor our senior community with a discounted rate of $15, ensuring accessibility and continued learning for all ages.

These discounts provide a fantastic opportunity to become part of the Welland Museum family at a reduced cost, while also enjoying the full spectrum of benefits that membership offers. Join us in celebrating museum month and help support our mission to preserve and share Welland’s rich cultural heritage.

Referral Program
Our limited referral program will run from May 1st to May 31st and provides the chance for existing members to win prizes from the gift shop.

1 Referral = Welland Museum Pen
3 Referrals = Carnegie Celebration Tote Bag
7 Referrals = It’s All Welland Good Socks
12 Referrals = It’s All Welland Good Tee Shirt

All you have to do is tell people you know or share the word online! The person purchasing the membership will have an option to enter the name of the person who referred them.

Gift Memberships
This May, the Welland Museum introduces an exciting new membership option—the Gift Membership.

Priced at just $15 throughout the month of May, this tier is not only an affordable way to give the gift of discovery, but also a wonderful opportunity to contribute towards a vibrant community initiative.

Perfect for anyone looking for a meaningful gift, these memberships offer year-round access to our exhibits and events, enriching the recipient’s understanding and appreciation of Welland’s unique heritage.

Moreover, purchasing a Gift Membership can also boost your tally in our Referral Program. Each membership gifted counts as a referral, propelling you towards winning delightful prizes from our gift shop. Whether it’s a free Welland Museum pen for a single referral or a stylish Welland Good tee for twelve, your generosity earns you rewards while supporting the museum’s mission. So, why not make a difference today by giving the Gift of Welland heritage?

New Perks

Member’s Welcome Kit
As a token of our appreciation, new members will receive a light blue Welland Museum reusable bag, a sleek Welland Museum pen, and an informative welcome slip packed with essential museum insights.

Please note that these welcome kits are exclusively for new memberships and are not available upon renewal.

Local City Pass – Discounted Rates Throughout Welland
Expand your exploration beyond the museum walls with the Local City Pass, a standout feature of the Welland Museum membership.

This pass grants members fantastic discounts at a variety of participating local businesses throughout Welland, simply by presenting a valid museum membership card.

Our community partners are continually growing, offering an ever-expanding range of discounts and benefits. Local businesses interested in joining this program are encouraged to reach out to for more details on how to register. This initiative not only enhances the value of your museum membership but also supports and promotes local enterprises, fostering a thriving community spirit.

Member’s Only Forum
Engage with a community of history buffs and local enthusiasts in our exclusive Members’ Only Forum. Available through the Welland Museum’s website at, this forum is a vibrant space where members can dive deeper into discussions about Welland’s history, share insights on current local news, and connect over shared interests.

This digital platform adds a layer of engagement to your membership, allowing you to partake in meaningful conversations and expand your network within the community from the comfort of your home or on the go. Join the conversation today and become a part of Welland’s living history.

Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with our community, support local businesses, and gain unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge and events at a discount this Museum Month in 2024. Secure your membership at Welland Museum Shop to start enjoying these benefits right away! Join us today and be part of something truly special.