Through this current situation we’re all living through, we’ve been open and honest with our kids about what’s going on. We feel that it’s important for them to know and to be aware of the scale and brevity of this worldwide crisis.

Behind our house, there’s a walking path. We’ve noticed more people walking the path over the last week since everyone is home. So last night, Ava – our 7-year-old daughter – wanted to write some positive messages with chalk on the path for people walking it.

So – here are some tips on “how to best deal with the coronavirus pandemic” from a 7-year-old. And honestly? I feel like if the world followed these tips, we’d be in a better place, even beyond the crisis we’re living through right now!

Stay home
Wash your hands
Help those in need
Get air
Respect others
Just be happy
Be thankful
Live your life
Don’t be risky
Be loved
Be prepared
Be kind
Be thoughtful
Be happy
Be safe

Submission by Local Resident Bryan Caporicci