The Roselawn Centre was originally built in 1860 as a stately three-story home of Upper Canada Victorian architecture, changing hands in early 1870s and 1900s, and eventually became The Port Colborne Club in 1957. After 10 years of operating as an arts and cultural centre, Roselawn continues to be a focal point of recognition of tourism, arts and culture.

The City of Port Colborne assumed the operations to sustain this heritage-filed facility, expand special events, and encourage public access to the Centre. Amongst the many community activities happening within Roselawn Centre, we are proud of our partnership with Showboat Festival Theatre run by Lighthouse Theatre.

The City of Port Colborne continues to enrich culture-based creative experiences, which are central to the way we have developed our identity as a community. Roselawn Centre continues to offer residents and visitors, a truly unique, vibrant, and well-balanced cultural experience.