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Easily Promote Your Business All Year Long For One Low Price!

28 Dec 14
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The steady growth of web advertising is not just a trend – it’s happening because online marketing works!

Internet marketing produces high returns on investment and offers unparalleled opportunities for targeted advertising at a low cost.

It is no wonder that Internet Advertising spending is on the rise while Newspaper Advertising spending continues to decline.

In fact a recent industry study published by media buying agency ZenithOptimedia predicts that internet advertising spending will exceed the combined total of newspaper and magazine advertising by 2015.


The Internet influences the purchasing decisions of your customers more than any other media except television. Whether you want to build brand awareness, increase traffic to your place of business, bring people to your website, or sell online, our Community Web Portal provides you the opportunity to capitalize on our success as the premier online information resource in our local area.

Invest in your community and your business by joining our network of community partners as we work together to build the myNiagara Online social platform. Participate with us and share your message with our growing audience of avid social media users, online influencers and big supporters of local culture and Niagara community-building initiatives.

CLICK HERE to download pdf version of our myNiagara Online Advertising Package Information

Contact us via info@myNiagaraOnline.com to further explore our advertising options.





Building Community Connectivity the ‘myNiagara’ Way!

12 Dec 14
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Our myNiagara Online local networks proactively collect, publish and promote community sourced content via our weekly e-newsletter and social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Working in collaboration with our network of community partners we help local businesses and community organizations boost their online visibility and expand their client base.

myPelham.com and now also myWelland.com demonstrate our vision of fully connected on-line neighbourhoods where local events like concerts, festivals, church bazaars, golf tournaments – you name it – are posted and actively promoted. All contributed media releases and local blog articles are published. Business listings are kept up-to-date.

Social agencies highlight their services, connect with potential volunteers and promote their fundraising activities. Local businesses post professional advice, job opportunities, sales events and specials, hours of operation and product listings. Local consumers register to receive a weekly newsletter that consolidates all the local business updates and community happenings scheduled for the coming week.

The data is all stored in a fully inclusive directory and sorted into searchable categories. All the components are available as a resource to collate and contribute content to Niagara-wide sectoral initiatives such as economic development, tourism, arts, sports and other pertinent community portals.

Our local networks share daily happenings from the positive point of view of locals who know and love their Niagara local community. Participate with us and share your message with our growing audience of avid social media users, online influencers and big supporters of local culture and Niagara community-building initiatives.

We are currently in the development stage of a myNiagara Online local network in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Interested to learn more about becoming a myNOTL.com Founding Partner please reach out to us via: info@myNiagaraOnline.com

Read more about the benefits of becoming a myNOTL Founding Partner





Shared Benefits of Community Websites

26 Oct 14
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1) Increases traffic for other websites in the community
The larger the number and types of organizations sharing content, the more informative and potentially interesting a website is to a wider base of users. A community website therefore generates and drives more potential traffic to other sites that are linked to it.

2) Makes it easier to find Hyper-Local Content on the Web
A community website, with multiple other local sites connected to it, makes it easier to get found on the Web. Community portal websites score higher in search engine ratings because of it’s broader and inclusive approach to community information.

3) Supports economic development
A portal is more than a directory of local community groups and events; it essentially promotes a positive image of the local community – highlighting it as a dynamic and “connected” place to live, visit and work.

4) Attracts young families and entrepreneurs to our community
Community portals are a valuable asset to attracting new economy workers and young families who are attracted to living in a community that exudes innovative energy and pride of place. All of these potential residents use the internet as their primary resource when researching places to live and work.

5) Promotes Local tourism
The portal not only informs local residents and business owners about current events, community groups, and business activities it also lets others, from outside the community learn more about our Niagara Towns and Cities. It encourages travelers and visitors to include more local attractions, shops and restaurants in their Niagara day trips and vacations.

6) Increases civic participation
Studies completed in other communities with active community portals indicate that when residents have current information in a timely manner, they are more inclined to attend community meetings and to take part in civic activities.

7) Improves efficiency of community resources
As on-line information resources become increasingly centralized and interactive, residents, local businesses, and government will spend less and get more value for the funds that are expended on information technology and advertising.